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Moreno Valley gets something it never had: a mall, and it will get it. The Moreno Valley City Council will sell a 56.42-acre lot to Lewis Acquisition Company, which plans to build a downtown on the corner of Main Street and El Camino Real in the heart of the city. There is no word yet on when the city centre could break ground or be open to the public, but the purchase agreement gives the city the right to buy back unused land unless it is developed by the Lewis Group within the next 12 years.

In addition, Lewis Group will invest $2 million in a large public facility to attract regional and international visitors to the city center. City officials expect it to generate property sales and hotel taxes one day when it is completed, a news release said. There is no "build it, they come" scenario, but city officials are optimistic about the future of the downtown and its potential as a tourist destination.

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Developers who wanted to build only an industrial or residential project on the site dropped out of the bidding process when they saw the city was interested in the mix of commercial and residential property, Boeing said. There is a backlog of mixed-use commercial housing, and it is based on how suburban communities have historically divided up properties. Restaurants and shops are located near restaurants that have a larger customer base, which makes profits safer.

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More About Moreno Valley